While your Bird Buddy feeder has been lovingly crafted so that we may all learn more about our feathered friends in new and exciting ways, birds aren’t the only shy creatures that might be photographed or recorded in your backyard or neighborhood forest.

Although the vast majority of all photos and recordings captured with our feeders contain no personally identifiable information (i.e. no photos or recordings of people) and other potentially identifiable information (i.e. car license plates, house numbers, etc.), you are kindly asked to always consider the privacy of everyone involved when setting up and using your feeder.

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Feeder spots we love:

Calm, secluded areas, facing trees or other backdrops that aren't typically filled with many people or buildings.

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Feeder spots we do not recommend:

Public spaces, areas where people and cars congregate on a regular basis, areas in view of neighboring buildings and properties.

Like birds, your feeder prefers secluded spots without a lot of people.

Consider making your feeder extra inviting in case of shy birds and extra private in case of shy humans by placing it:

  • in your backyard with the camera facing towards your own home;
  • in front of your home while making extra sure that the camera is not facing somebody else’s (or a shared) doorway, window, car, parking lot, stairwell, or any potential neighboring property or public area;
  • in another kind of appropriate feeding spot that is not frequented by humans that could reasonably expect privacy at times when birds visit.

What to consider when setting up your feeder for the first time

While taking photos or recordings of non-human subjects on private property is typically allowed, we strongly recommend that you:

  • only set up and use the feeder in areas where capturing photos or recordings of people, cars, entryways or other information that may be tied to a particular individual, is least likely; 
  • check with the owner of the property where the feeder shall be set up or check with the residents/occupants of the building/home/property that may be captured in the photos or recordings;
  • conduct your own research and gain a basic understanding of the relevant privacy requirements in relation to private video camera monitoring devices in your state or country prior to using the feeder (browse your country/state or local sheriff’s website for more information).

Interiors and public spaces

Always make sure that no interior of any commercial or private residence is in view and can be recorded during your use of the feeder (which may also include views of the interior of your own home).

Placing your feeder in view of public spaces is also discouraged, as not all country/state or national laws may view such areas as being tied to a lower expectation of privacy.

Please perform your own basic online search before committing to a feeder location that could potentially capture public spaces.

My feeder has captured an image of a person in the foreground, now what?

No problem, just remove the relevant photos or recordings by choosing the “Remove” option in your collection gallery.

Please also make sure to delete such photos or recordings from any other drives, databases and platforms, and check if you might have shared the image to our community.

Also consider changing the position or angle of the feeder to avoid similar situations in the future.

Other important legal information

Your Bird Buddy feeder is not a surveillance, security, or commercial monitoring device and should never be used for such purposes.

You are ultimately the one responsible for any photos or recordings that you capture with the feeder.

You are also the one responsible for storing, sharing or posting your photos or recordings online and elsewhere.

We take privacy very seriously at Bird Buddy Inc. and reserve the right to withhold the distribution of our services to users who misuse the feeder and pose a potential privacy risk to other individuals.

While Bird Buddy Inc. may from time to time publish “best practice” guides or blog posts (which includes this Quick Privacy Guide), as well as other information regarding the use and setup of the feeder, such materials are purely speculative in nature and are in no way intended to be understood or used as legal or other material advice, whereby Bird Buddy Inc. makes no representation or warranty with regards to such materials and information, and that no attorney-client relationship is created should you choose to use or act on such materials and information.

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