Summer Update

Nature Connectedness Made Simple

In just under two years, Bird Buddy helped more than 200,000 people connect with nature by delivering over one billion unique moments of wildlife captured right in their yard. 

Building on that incredible connection, we are now making it possible to seamlessly bring the vibrant diversity of life in our backyards into our daily living spaces with Nature Connected Home, the new smart home integration.

We believe that every yard is a space where each of us can contribute towards a tangible positive impact on the environment and achieve nature-connectedness in the process. Powered by AI, Nature Intelligence is a group of new features designed to do just that: empower us to take small steps that truly make a difference, while helping us build a deeper connection with the nature around us.

Bird Buddy Team

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Nature Intelligence

An advanced AI layer that helps you build a deeper connection with the nature around your home while suggesting small steps that can lead to a big impact, powered by the Bird Buddy devices in your yard.

Name that bird

Give your favourite bird visitors a name and get notified when they stop by.

Bird Care

Receive alerts whenever we notice a bird in need of help with guidance on what to do next to help it recover.

Pet Alert

Get pet sighting alerts and tips on positioning your bird feeder safely.

Extended Species Recognition

Easily identify and learn about all wildlife visitors, from butterflies and bees to racoons and lizards.

A Nature Connected Home

Let the sounds and sights of nature flow seamlessly into your living space by connecting Bird Buddy to your home's smart displays and speakers.

connected_home_species connected_home_species

Get notified of special moments happening in your yard on your smart home devices.

connected_home_broadcast connected_home_broadcast

Broadcast nature sounds around your home.

connected_home_images connected_home_images

Fill your screens with beautiful images of nature.

connected_home_insights icon_insights

Get real-time insights and recommendations.

A Growing Family

Our Nature Cam is at the heart of every Bird Buddy product and this year, it’s getting two new companions, offering new and dynamic ways to experience even more unique moments of nature.

Nature Station
Shipping in October

Nature Station ties it all together and marks a beautiful, designated space in your yard for birds and other nature.

A custom mounting system with a built-in squirrel baffle to prevent unwanted visitors from reaching the feed meant for birds, and a pollinator pot at the base designed to house native plants and promote a healthy backyard ecosystem.