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This option is only available to existing Bird Buddy Smart Bird Feeder owners.
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Smart Hummingbird Feeder Housing
Smart Bird Bath Housing
Note: Shipping costs are calculated on the campaign page based on your shipping destination.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can use the same camera module with all Bird Buddy housings!

We’re able to offer housing-only options for the Smart Hummingbird Feeder and Smart Bird Bath to our existing customers, but this is not publicly visible on our Kickstarter page. Please follow instructions below to claim your housing-only option:

First, head to our Kickstarter page and select the "Pre-Backer Special" reward from the "Rewards" section on the right-hand side. Select your shipping destination. This will automatically calculate the shipping price for your country. Once that appears, please leave the pledge amount as is and click "Continue".

On the next page, scroll to the bottom until you see the "Bonus Support" title. There, you will input the exact amount as indicated for your specific housing selection: For the Smart Hummingbird Feeder Housing-only option, input $80. For the Smart Bird Bath Housing-only option, input $90.

It is essential to input this number in the "Bonus Support" section; otherwise, your housing won't be claimed properly. After that, you can add any additional add-ons you see on the Kickstarter page by clicking "Add." Click "Continue," input your credit card info, and press the "Pledge" button. Make sure that the email you use to make your pledge is the same email you used to make your deposit! For exact video instructions on a desktop, please follow this link. For exact video instructions on mobile, please follow this link.

You'll be able to add add-ons to your housing-only option during the checkout process on Kickstarter. For exact video instructions pledging on a desktop, please follow this link. For exact video instructions on mobile, please follow this link.

Check our Pricing Menu on our special housing-only page, and go to the housing options you want to claim. Check the number under the "Special Community Pledge Price" column. Sum up those two numbers and input them in the "Bonus Support" section, as described in the first answer of this FAQ. For example, to buy Hummingbird Feeder Housing and Bird Bath Housing, you need to sum $80 and $90 from the "Special Community Pledge Price" column to get $170. This is the number you then need to input in the "Bonus Support" section, as described in the first answer of this FAQ. The reason for this is that you'll pay just once for the shipping.

For all existing customers who want to buy a housing-only option, we have worldwide shipping available.

We’d be happy to help. Please send us a direct message via the Kickstarter platform, and we will support you there!